Jul 7, 2014

Surgery Day

My sister is having her elective bilateral mastectomy today for Stage 0 breast cancer. She will have a reconstruction at the same time like I had with fat and tissue taken from her belly. The plan is for her to stay in ICU for 3 days, then last day in regular floor. I wish the surgeon calls me as her husband is OK with it for updates. Been there as a patient myself.

I know I should not worry. Breast cancer is well-studied. What are the updates?

Jul 3, 2014

Why Oh Why

Somebody asked, why am I involved with nursing association.
 "All they do is have parties," she said.

Not really. For this 5K indoor race, together we raised around $75,000. Not bad. Plus I got exercise in this outdoorish-indoor Caesar Palace race location. It's good that the shops around are closed at around 5 am!

"This year, part of the proceeds will support the Philippine Humanitarian Coalition (PHC), the US Philippine Society, and the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington, D.C. in the rebuilding and restoration of the Visayan peninsula and livelihood of its people devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). This is in addition to the usual recipients of PNAA/PNAAF programs like Balik-Turo, Scholarship and Community Outreach."

Jul 1, 2014

When I Wished Upon a Star

And then the star fell.

Oh well.

I thought I could do it, and I failed.

I did not meet finishing 5 modules out of 8 so I would get a failing grade on my third course in college online. That only cost me $1000. Ouch.

My mother-son life had been so hard from March through June.

My son's troubles got me in trouble. I spent too much time trying to fix him, save him from failing first year of high school, keeping him away from bad friends, looking for him . . .

He is back home and on probation.

I hope things get better

for me

and for him.

God please help us.

Jun 15, 2014


My engineer friend complains:

"Since the merge, we have to follow the rules at work, no shorts. They [the new CEO and owners] should give us clothing allowance then . . . We also have to badge in and out now and we cannot work from home anymore. It is no longer allowed."

I want to ask, "Seriously? You're saying that to me? I am a nurse. I wear pajama-looking scrubs everyday. Welcome to the normal world, buddy."

But I just smiled.

Everyday he worked, he looked like he was about to play golf. Then I saw him with tan pants and a nice white polo short. Not a huge difference, but hey, he looks good.

Source of image: Morgue Files